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tv   Dateline NBC  NBC  January 9, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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of congresswoma gabby giffords' progress. a great many questions remain. what was the motive here? did the currenttate of potical rhetoric in this country have anything at l to do with this shooting? urgent speculati is swirling one day after a simple rite of citizenship turned into an awful crime scene. we srt with a look at how it all unfold. here's nbc's josh mankiewicz. >> reporter: arizona and the nation mourn this blood-soaked mome in burbia, we are learning about the man who tried to assassinate an elected official. gabrielle giffords i recovering from a single gunshot to the head, the bullet fired saight through her brain. >> obviously, w don't know which directioshe's going to go. it's still vy precarious at this time. >> reporter: 1 others were also wounded in yesterday's rampage at this shopping cente at least five of them critilly
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and six kill. among them a federal judge, an aide to giffords and a 9-year-old girl who had come to safeway that morning to meeter congresswoman. w details are emerging about a day that started off as just anothesaturday morning, with shoppers hurryingn and out of stores, checking off errands on their weekend to-do lists. many probably never noticed their local representative, democraticongresswoman gabrielle giords, standing there ang them. she had set up a table outside the supermarketo meet and greet constituents, to listen to what votersad to y. she called it, coness on your corner. it was 10:00 a.m. >> it was a really beautiful morning. and it was a very small gathering, perhaps 25 people, that were loosely gathered around there. >> reporter: dr. sven rayle made it a pointo drive to the shopping cter that morning to shake hands with giffords, whom he'd never met. he didn't immediately walk up to her table.
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that may have saved his life. it was 10:10 a.m. >> heard shots and looked up to see her being shot in the he. >> reporter: you s it? >> yeah. thegunman didn't evenhesitate. ju continued spraying blets as closeange to the people who were the. >> reporter: police say the gunman was jared lee loughner, 20 yearsold, that he fir round afte round of bullets into the crowd. rayle estimates it took only 10 to 20 seconds to foefrl chge lives that morning. joe zamudio was in a store buying cigarettes when he heard the sound of gunfire. >> as i started to hear it, p, pop, pop, pop, real loud, like that. >> reporter: you knew what it? >> inew what it was. >> reporter: he burst out of the store to fure out who was firing and why.
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instinct made him reach for the firearm that many of him in arizona alwa carry. >> as i came around theorner i had my hd like this on my gun. i didn't pull it out of my jo jacket. >> reporter: youever drew your gun? >> i didn't need to. >> reporter: lghner was on the ground, two people on top of them. one was woman who seemed intent on keeping the gun away from loughner. there was a woman that had the gun and the clip he was trying to reload, so she was keeping that away from him and at t same time berating him, how can you be so full of hate? how can you do this he was face down, head turning to the side. >>eporter: zamudio also rushed to help keep loughner pinned down. >> i didn't think about . i just responded t something bad ha happened and i was going to help. i li in a post-9/11 world where that stuff hpens all the time. you feel like you have to be ady to do something. you can't just let ople push you around like that.
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>> 911, wt's your emergency? >> reporter: in the panic, rougy a minute after the first shots had been fired, calls to 911 startedlooding in. >> shootin at safewa i have person shot here. >> i believe gabrielle giffords was hit. he wen in, just started firing and then he ran. >> someone just called me and told me they were shot. reporter: by then, rayle, a former emergency room physian, was looking to see who needed help. bodies were erywhere. >> you stop thebleeding, put pressure on any bleeding. if cpr is needed, do that. there's nothing moreo be done than comforting, supporting and stopping bleeding, really. >> reporter: so joe zamudio who ran toward a manith a gun instead of away from m, all of it was terrible and unforgettable. >> looked up and i kind of, like, took in the scene aund me. and wh i saw first was you know, a motr crying for her
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daughter, a woman had covered her daughter and prevented her from getting hit got shotwice. and e -- she literally put rself between the bullets a saved her daughter's fe. she was the loudest one. she was wanting to see her child, make sure she was okay. i saw a woman screaming who lost, i believe, her husband. it was gruesome. blood everhere. >> reporter: rayle ss within minutes after t first sts werefired, it was clear some victims re beyond sang. >>eople are doing cpr o some of them. after ten minutes or so some of them were actuallyovered up. thei faces were covered u because they we obviously dead. >> reporter: but he wasn sure about the congresswoman. he h seen the gunman shoot her point-blank the head. at one point he saw giffords slumped against a wall, a young man tending to her. it was the congresswoman'
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intern. >> her head was about here and i was just kind of hugging her, her head, topply the pressure. and then grabbing her fro the other side to make sure that kept her in a stable positi. >> reporter: doctors credi the 20-year-old university of arizona junior with helping to save the congresswoman's life in those firstritical moments. >> it was very hectic. she was obviously in a lot of pain. >> reporter:oon the congresswon and others were being rushed to ar hospitals in a race to save lives. police had aeady cuffed their suspect, jared loughner. zamudio says the shoot seemed pleased by the chaos. >> i saw someone who wasery l self-satisfied. he accomplished his goal. he had on him 50, 70 roun. he was ready to kill as many peop as he could. heidn't give up, as we say.
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he wasn't like one of these shooters who puts the gun to h head at theend. he was still ing. and they pulled a bi knife out of his pocket. >> reporter: this guy was ready for battle? >> oh, yeah. he wasn't giving up he wanted to hurt people. and he knew exactly what he was doing. >> reporter: tonight feder murder charges he been filed against jared loughner f killing jue john roll and the congressional aide. attempted murder crges have been filed for shooting congresswoman giffords. state chars are expected. the local sheriff says loughner is not cooperating. so, the question now is why all is happened? investigators start to peel away the layers of jared loughner's life. they're finding clues as to what may have driven this young man to unleash such a storm of fury and death on auiet saturday morning. >> josh mankiewicz on those first few moments of what happened here behind us. you saw him briefly in the setup pie with ustonight. congresswoman giords' heroic young inrn, daniel hernandez.
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you're 20-year-old college student, just a few days into this internship. how did you know t do what you did with such clarity and focus in the middle of what s going on here >> one of the first things i knew that ieeded to do was maintain my composure, maintain calm. not just for myself, but for all those around me, including the congresswoman. i have been traid as a certificate sfied nursg assistant so i worked in a hospital before, so i know basic triage and basic first aid. >> we, in thi case it was more than ough. you saw tha she had an entry gunshot wound. you applied pressure to the wound. you cradled her. i assume you were trying to communicate wh her throughout. was she at all communicating? congresswoman was fighting and letting us know she was still there. she was very, very communicative in the way she was doing that was by justqueezing my hand. she couldn't talk but she was letting us - she was letting us know she was still conscious and
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still alert by squeezing hands. >> you must he already bypassed your own concern having signed pple in here yesterday at a des and having reized that you weren't among the targets of this crazed young man. you switched into a different gear, i'm guessing. >> yeah. when i actually heard the gunsts my first instinct was to see who had been injured. assuming that if there was really gunman, the likely target would be the congresswoman because of her position. i wanted to make sure she and ose around her wer okay. >> a gat many people owe you a debt of gratitude for your cool and collectedanner and working eat under pressure. thanyou for sharing your story with o audience tonight. >> thank you. when we come bk here this evening, more about the congrewoman, the scholar, adnturer, the woman often deribed as one of the most promising politicians in this part of thcountry. female announcer ] what will you gain when you lose? i would conside the scale my frenemy.
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back here in tucson, arizona, tonight where from the moment the news first broke, the stories started toour in about what kind of politician, what kind of pson gabby gifrds is. lively, charismatic, described as having suc a great spirit last fall she narrowly won re-election, fending off a tough party from a -- a tough
8:14 pm
challenge, rather, from a tea party candidate, kate snow has this survivor's story. >> reporter: to anyone whonows her, she i simply gabbya 40-year-old who describes herself as curious about the world. >> thas going to come up every single day so let's take advantage. >> reporter: whichriend like fellow congressman debbie wasserman schultz describe her as warm a deeply ring. >> she is someone whoas the most open heart. she tats everyone as though they are incredibly specl. >> reporter: she loves cruising through arizona on a motorcycle. in fact, she has been a champion of motorcycleriders' rights in congss, but she'll also hike a trail or even go on horseback. she and her husband, nasa astronaut, navy captain mark kelly, celebrate their third niversary in november. >> she loves mark with all her heart. and she loves her epdaughters. and they are an credible family.
8:15 pm
>> reporter:n a "new york times" feature on tir wedding, captain lly said he proposed because gabrielle giffords had it a -- beautiful, smart, hard working, balanced, fun to be with, and she laughed at my jokes. when he s on the space shuttle "discovery" in 2006, shehose a wake-up song, u2's "beautiful day." yes, she's a member of congress, active one, but she hasn't always been in politics. she'certainly not from washington. she grew up in tucson, the third generation of her familyoive there. in the mid-'90s giffords took over t familybusiness, a tire warehouse. she drove a picp truck to work, wore jeans. eventuly she sold the company to goodyear and that's whenhe got into polics. she was elected to the arizona stateenate in 2000, the youngest wan ever elected there. on her ttter page
8:16 pm
congresswoman giffords has ts quote from mother teresa tagged as a farite. in ts life we cannot alws do great tngs but we can d small things with great love. politically speaking, she is a centrist democrat in congress she represents at's traditionally been a republicanistrict in southern arizona, spreading south and east from tucsono the mexican border. >> we need you to help us get out the vote. >> reporter: she re-elected to a thd team after a tightace by a that's-party backed republican november, coressman represents the house district right next to ffords. >> she's a rising ar in our state and nationally terribly smart person. very diiplined. >> reporter: giffos makes a point of being aessible to her constuents. she holds tse events, called congressn your corner. these are photos from one she held last may a a safeway
8:17 pm
store. >> t warmth in which her constituents, fami and friends embrace sher just incredle. >> reporter: she's known around the capital for pushing solar ener, immigration reform a working with militaryamilies and ts and she's obsessed with the details of health care reform. >> i rise today to address our sile most important domestic sue that faces our untry, reforming our broken health insurae program. >> reporter: after she voted for president obama's healthare bill, vandals damaged her offic in tucson. >> are you afraid? are you feful today? >> you know, i'm not >> reporter: but it was tt vote for health care reform that landed her on a controversial list of membersf congress, posted on sarah palin's facebook page >> the way she has it depicted has the crosshairs of a gun sight over our district. when people do th, they have to realize there's consequences tohat tion. >> reporter: palin h said the imagery on that map has been
8:18 pm
minterpreted. giffords herself is a staunch suorter of the right to br arms. sh posted these photos of herself, proudly holding weapons. her most proudly appearance in congss now seems eerie. just three days ago she joined a readg of the u.s. constitution on the house floor. >> congress shall make no law respecting an estabshment of religion -- >> reporter: her section, the first amendment. >> o the right o the people peaceably to assembl and petiti the government for dress ofievances. >> reporter: yesteay she was holding another o of her own gatherings. she tweed, my first congress on your cornertarts now. ease stop by to let me know what's on your nd. a smallreminder her friends say of the way s leads her fe. always trying to help, in public and private. >> this is someone who is devoted to her mily, devoted to her comnity and chooses to be a public servant because she believes in makinghe world a better place. >> and back here a the shopping center in tucson, amid
8:19 pm
yesterday's chaos, including some false media reports that she had di, came the sliver of good news, of course, that congresswoman giffords had survived this attack. ot in the head at point-blank range, she made it to the hospital and through some gruelling surgery, sll in critical condition tonight,et there is reason to be hopeful about her condion. that he story from hoda kotb. >> reporter: a bullet through the brain islmost always lethal. 90% ofhose shot in t head die within minutes. but more than 24 hours after she was shot, congresswoman giffords alive. that in itself is remarkable. >> we're still, still in critical conditi. but i am cautiously optimist. >> erall, this is about as good as it's gng to get. >> reporter: but the ngresswoman's condition remains very precarious she's heavilysedated, awaned every hour sooctors can check her response
8:20 pm
dr. nancy snydermans the chief medical editor r nbc news. her eyes are closed, she on a vent yer, so how is she able to communicate with doctors when they're doing these hou by hour checkups? >> they'll turn off the medicines and allow her conscious state to ri. ey'll give her ver simple commands. andhey'll measure those commands. squeeze my nd. do you recognize me the mute they're satisfied that they've done a basic neurologic check, she goes bk into sedation. >> reporter: many thing h to go right, most important say dr. snyderman, t bullet's trajectory. it's called a through and through. >> it may be the most fortuitous path that it was high and just came through this quarter seion of the brain. had the gunman shot her through and through thi way or through anthrough this way, or lower, 'd be talki probably a life-endinaltercation. >> reporter: ao important, the
8:21 pm
congresswoman got to a top-tch trauma center fast, inside 40 minutes. oddly enough even the day of e week broke lucky for her. thishing happened on a saturday. >> yeah. >>eporter: on a satuay. when the o.r. is relately quiet. not only were there operating oms available, s they could run fourr five o. rncr.s at the same time, buthey could get people . >> reporter: giffordsage i also a positive. she's 40. >> she's vibrant, healthy. her brain has a bter chance of recovering. >>eporter: the congresswoman's vision and hearing will likely not be effected but herbility to speak will almost certainly be impaired. the bullet entered t brain's speech center. >> the area that allows me t say, i like your white scarf. i might not think of the wd white and it' exited the part of the brain that allows you to orgaze your thoughts, know wheryou are and respond appropriaty to situations. >> reporter: there will be additional brain dama. >> when a bullet enters your
8:22 pm
brain, it not only is hot, but it causes reverberation. there can be trauma to the suounding brain tissue aw from the course of the bullet. they have to make sure that the brain hasn't died. >> reporter: while there are few medical certainties now, it's clear that congsswoman's giffords recovery will be measured in months and yea, not weeks. >> and we are joined tonight by two stellar men inll of this. two of the doctors in charge of the congresswomas care, michael lamole and peter rhee from university medical center here in tucson. dr. rhee, whe i read you had done couple tours in ramadi, i felt instantly reassured on behalf of these patients comg in the er. what was the scene like on your shift yesterday? when was she identified to you as the local mber of congress?
8:23 pm
>> she was actually recognized a local member of cgress earlier on because we haintel from the field. the traa bays were exceedingly bu. we have seven dedicated areas just for trauma patients alone. there was obviousl a little chaotic zoo with a lot of people in tt area, but it was somethg to beld. we're very proud of the entir group o people that were working there, bause she wasn't the only patient that came tus. there were a tot of 11 patients that came to us. and with the combination of the nurses, emergency medicine physicians, resints and our surgical sff, things went very well. and,obviously, in ramadi in the field don't have that kind of resources, both personnel a also medical equipmentwise, but this w about as good as it's going get in a civilian set organize any setting in th world. it was nice from that aspect. >> though i'm guessing dr dr. rhee, it had to remind you of a mass caslty situation in
8:24 pm
the field where you have close to a dozen peoe coming through the doors and you've got to do triage on the fly. >> that's correct. so, you know, my mai job was to make sure the right people we wi the right patient. the patients were moving in the right place and directio we were al, as you had meioned, in a veryortunate state cause it was saturday. we actually hadhree trauma surgeons in hous when i got the, i was on backup call. we had four. then we also h cardiac thoracic surgeons and vascular surgeons and orthopedic surgeons within minutes. we had many operating rooms available with the full codry of anesthesiologists. between emerncy medicine, who also called people in and us and everybody else around, we had a gre number o people. yoknow, this is the kind of situation that the hospital has practiced and worked for. and along with our eerience of having these type of events frequently in the pa, it was really nice tsee everybody working so well together. this is from the medical se of
8:25 pm
the hous as grim as what it might sound, this is what we do ve for. >> that brings us to doctor lamole. this patient ces in, a diinct entry wound, exit wound, this thugh-and-through injury. you go to work. tell me now, whatre the next steps yore looking for as you ok for signs to report progre to all of us while waiting for news about the congresswoman? >> really the most -- one of the most important facets in someone's care is their neurologic status before a surgery orintervention. i'm happy to say dr. rhee's team s able to tell me s was able to follow basic commands prior to surgery. that was very important. at that point we have a c.a.t. scan. we know where the damage is. we know ere we have to do our job. we set outn a methodical fashion dealing withhis kind injury. we have a series o step. we control the bleeding in th o.r. weake the pressure off the brain by removing a wdow of
8:26 pm
bone. then we debreed any ption of ain that isn't living. we didn't have to douch of that. we closer back up and get her to contl blood sugar or bod salt and keep tha secondary injury and bin swelling down to aminimum. gentlemen, we realize with what you've been throh, joining across town and by satellite has taken some effort for you. i want to thank you on behalf of our team for allowing us to talk to you and thanks r your heroic work in thee.r. when we ce back, a portrait of the alleged gunman in this case. what we know, espially from what he left bind on the web. the tissue beneatthe enamel. the dentinontains these channels that lead directly to the nerve center. cold and heat travel through these channels and stimate the nerve. that's when you get this ouch. detists recommend sensodyne becausehe product works. the active ingredient within sensodyne travels into t nerve center.
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back here in tucson tonight, where we're leaing more about this alleged gunman, jare lee loughn, one friend described him as, quote, obviously very disturbed. we have a look at his bkground tonight from nbc's chris hansen. >>eporter: in tucsonunday the investigatio into the mass killing continues. authities ruled out one lead when a person of intest they were looking for was intervied and had no connection tohe case. >> thebi -- >> reporter: before theharges were filed against jared loughn this afternoon, fbi director robert muller said the bureau i doing everything it can to get to the bottom of how loughner ended up on a shooting spre >> i can assure you teams of professionalare working toward a single goal and that is to piece together the facts, answer ose questions, and ensure that justice is done.
8:31 pm
>> reporter: since the momentf his rest, authorities in arizona and across the count have been attempting to fit together the pieces of the jared lee loughner puz willing. who is this young man who went from a quiet, shy hh school studento an alleged mass rderer, who used the internet to derail a variety of topics. according to the fbi the suspected shooter bought the glock hagun at this sportan store on tuesday and pd about $50 0. sources tell "dateline"oughner was arm with nearly 100 bulletsnd he firedt least 20. officials are still tryg to nail down several pointsn the investigation. even including how loughne got to the shopping center where t shooting took place. overnight, police and the fbi canvsed the middle class neighborhood where loughner lived with his parent according to court documents when federal agent searched the
8:32 pm
houses, they found a envelope inside the safe with handwriting stating, i planned ahead, my assassination, and t name giffordswith what appears to be loughner's signature. they also found letter from the congresswomanddressed to loughner thanking h for attending anvent she hosted in august 2007. loughner's high school friend, katie parker, was with hiat that event. >> he asked h a questi, which madabsolutely no sense to me and ian't even recall it today, but he said, she didn't- she didn't understand it. i n't understand what it is with poticians. they don't get it. >> reporter: "teline" has learned that proximately four years ago loughner also wte the coresswoman a nonthreateng letter and that she respond. as the sun rose over arizona this morning, a clearer portrt emerged of the 22-year-old man at the center of a mass murder investigation. a clearer portrait from youtube and internet postings of a n with an apparently blurred point of view. loughner grew up in tucson and
8:33 pm
attend mountain view high school. he played saxophone in e scho band. classmates described him as odd, noviolent. julianne blanco attended middle school and high school with him. >> hwas a little weird but we were young and we're all kind of weird when we're that age. r the most part,e was just really quiet. he didave his opinio, but we all ha our opinions. >> reporter: in 2005 loughner enrolled inima community college in tucson and there he began to exhibit unstable behavior. >> when i first -- >> reporte college classmate linda sorenson exchaed e-mails with loughner and said e ended up afraid of him. >> i tught he was mentally and emotionally unstable. and i was very much afraid that he was going to do something exactly like this. cept that my fear washat he was going to do th in our class. >> reporter: in 2010, according to the college, campus police were called five times to respondo classroom disruptions involving loughner.
8:34 pm
then in a rambling youtube message apparently abo graves given by the pima community llege, he seemed to say the system, quote,s unconstitutional becse of the united states bill orights. in september after campu police discoved the video, he was suspended. in a statement issued by the college, officia said he would nobe aowed back until cleared by a mental health professional. loughn decided to leave voluntarily. in other postings, he railed out cuency, the gold standard and grammar. the government is implying mind control and brainwash on the people by controlling grammar, he wrote. he said thatolice officers opere unconstituonally. he also wte about the definition of the word "terrorist." quote, if i define terrorist, then a terrorist is a perso who employs terror or terrorism, especially as political weapon. i defineterrorist. the ramblings and rantings seem to make little sense. yesterday pa county sheriff
8:35 pm
clarence dupnik said louner seemed unbalanced. >> i have no rean to believe that the person was insane. was he unstable? i would age with that. >> reporter: the southern poverty law centers who monitors extremist gups also says is clear to him loughner was unstable. >> it's clear that the man was extremely confused. you read throughome of his writingsnd they are virtually impossible to understand. >> repter: he believes loughner may have been looking to lash out atny government symbol. i can only suppose the congresswoman was who was, in fact, hisocal representative was the closest manifestation of the government he had come to see as evil. >> reporter:wo years ago loughner tried to enlist in the army but was turd down. nbc news has learned loughne admitted using marijuana in the past and his application for enlistment was rejected aer he
8:36 pm
tested positive for drug use. morrow loughner is expected to appear in urt for the first time. >> when we ce back here in tucson, the youngest victim in yesterday's shooting, the story of 9-year-olchristina taylor green. rance? is a bird in the hand worth 2 in t bush? appraiser: well u rarely see them in this good of shape. appraiser: for exale the fingers are perfect. appraiser: the bird is in mint ndition. appraiser: and i would say if this were to go to auction today, appraiser: conservatively it wod be worth 2 in the bush. woman: reay? appraiser: it'just beautiful, thank you so much r bringing it in. woman:nbelievable anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% omore. is enjoying it tether. and rht now, a complete seafood dinner for two is just $29.99 at red lobster. you both get a fresh salad d irresistible cheddar bay bcuits. two entrees, from a menu of classic favorites
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> impak here in tucson, the political world is something of a tight community here in arizona.
8:40 pm
mostf those in it know eh other. gabrielle giffords started out in the state legislature here. herlose friend from those days, also friendo her aide ga zimmerman, who was killed r yestery, is dr. matt heinz. i was watching your interview on television last night. tell us about these two people. gabe, who left a carr in social work to become an ae to a member of coress, and this congresswoman who is fighting so hard in the spital not far from here. >> absolutely. gabe and gabrielle giffords are cut from the sam cloth. they are beautiful souls. and they he -- both have a passion for svice and that's something they both did very -- every day, every day when they'reorking for their constitute yens. gabe zimmerman was community outreach director and did ma of the constituent serves. because gabrielle gifford knows how hard it is to be a legislator with limit
8:41 pm
resources, she instructed her staff to treat legislators like they treat her. >> and he was just engaged to be married, gabe wa correct? >> he was, indeed. i actually work at the tucson medical center with his fiancee, kelly, and my hea goes out to kelly and her family everyone tragically affected by this yesterday. >> doctor, rest assured, the whole country is watchg as we all feel helpss. we're thinking ofou and sending thoughts and prayers very hard in this rcumstance. thank you for talkingbout both them here with us tonight. >> it's a pleasure. >> chrtina taylor green was the youngest vicm here, the youngest to die jt 9 years old. tonight lester holhas her story. >> she was verypatriotic. she liked to wear red, white and blue. she liked -- fourt of julyhe would get really excited. she was ju -- >> wave her flags. >> very patriotic. very polical and interested in
8:42 pm
politics and gernment at a very young age. >> reporter: coresswoman gabrielle giffords would have loved christina taylor green. was christina's keen interest in politics at such aender age that brought them tether in tragedy sarday at the safeway parking t in tucson. >> s was going to go with our neighbor for a governmen lesson, basically. just to see what she could learn, see how she cou help her community. >> reporter: christina was just 9 years old, the youngest victim ofhe shoing massacre where represtative giffords was meeting r constituents. john and roxanne that green, christina's parents, told us today that christina had just been elected to t student council at mesa verde elementary school. >> she wanted to me positive changes in the classroom. i guess the kids loved it. and she -- >> she won. >> heressage got across and she wo >> reporter: tough little campaigner, huh? yeah, yeah. >> reporter: couldou see her some day in congre? >> easily.
8:43 pm
and that's -- you know i could see her doing a lot of things. i think she would have been successful wit whatever she put her mind to because she was tenacious. >> reporter: christina' thirst for politicsnd the inner workings of govnment came from a devastating place. i think everybody paused when they heard her birth date, september 11, 01. >> she was very proud of that. >> reporter: because of her birth date, she was one of the 509/11 babies featured in a book called faces of hope. >> she had little different tilt to 9/1 1, that waser birthday. she looked at it as positive f the country. >> there would be an end to terrorism, end to war, end to hatred, disrespect, somehow everody would come together, li they did. >> reporter: this wasn't christina's only conneion to the spotlight. major league baseball was iner dna. her grandfather, dallas green, was theanager of the
8:44 pm
philadelphia phillies team that won the world series in 1980. also had stints manager of the new york yankees and new york mets. her dad, john, is scoutor the los angeles dodgers. we lost a member of the dodrs fami, the team said, in a statement. >> ver strong little girl. >> again, her nickname, i called herhe bobcat because she's -- she was competitive and she was not -- she would not take no for an answer >> reporter: christina also loved baseball. she was a hot shot second baman as the only girl on her little league team, the canyon dol oroyo pirates. >> she was a good little athlet she said, dad, i want to be the firs -- first woman major leue baseball player. i said, that's great. >> reporter: i have to ask you about yesterday. w did you find out? >> i wasn't watching tv. i received a phone call from my
8:45 pm
frie's husband and he said that sie and christina were at university medical center and i assumed immediately they might haveeen in a car accident. >>eporter: what else could it be? >> yeah, whatlse could it be. never in a million years would i have ever guessed. >> reporter: you don't expect your dghter in the northwest part of tson in a safeway -- >> five minutes from our home. what could have happened? >> it's a good area. nothing normally -- >> nothing has ever hpened like this before. >> reporter: and you g to the emergey room and what happens next? >> i realize it was bigger than just a carccident. i saw so many people around. and everyone'sface, it just -- i just knew in my heart it was something bad. something really, really bad. >> when i got in there i had the same feeling. is that somethin grave had happened. but, you know, you're holding on hope tt -- that it's -- that
8:46 pm
it's not our daught. >> and when they ce in ten minutes later, which seemed like two hours later, they told me they tried their besto save her, but they couldn't. anthat she passed away. >> reporter: did you get toee her? >> yes, i did. i saw heafterwards. >> my son and -- >> i sai good-bye to her. >> we got a chance to say good-bye. etes. it was so complicated. there was a lot of information out there. but it was frustrating trying to get the answers i needed. then my company partnered with unitedhealthcare. they provided onsite seenings, healthy cooking tips. that's a recipe m keeping. ( nouncer ) turning complex data into eastools. we're 78,0 people looking out for 70 million amecans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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yesterday, the sheriff here createdomething of a storm when he sa the vit mosphere may haveribbed to these ootings. d with us is pa county sheriff clarence dupnik. thank you for joining us. i saw westboro bapti church is coming here to protest some victims of thi funeral. i thought of you. this is exactly wt you were talking about. the backnd forth i our potical discourse. i've never seen the mood of the countrys bad as i have seen ithis last year. >> and why here? >> i don't think it's just here. i ink it's all over the country. i think this just happened to be one of the places that was unfortate enough to ha the incident. i think it can happenanywhere. as matter of fact, from
8:51 pm
talking to some representatives inongress and some senators and peoe who are responsible for their protection, these people are veryconcerned, because senators and coressmen when they're n in washington, go back t their mmunities, they come to events le this, sotimes five and six times a y like gabrielle, and they have no security, no law enforcement. law enforcement doe't even know they're there. so, they're very, very vulnerable. >> sheriff, thank you for being th us tonigh and in the few seconds we have remaining, evenf this turns out to be a22-year-old emotnally disturbed ki you ill feel that as a culture, it should be diall back. >> absolutely. because i think that the disturbed personalities are t most susceptible to the vit at at goes on. i thinkt's irresponsible for people to do that a there are consequenc. >> sheriff dupnik white house law eorcement officers are watching the scene awe have
8:52 pm
thisonversation tonight. we'll take anoth break. when we come back, remarkable livelost here on a terrible morninin tucson, arizona. announcer ] let's throw down some style. style tt lasts a lifetime. what doou say we get the look we want, the softns we need, and unbeatable lifetime stain warrant for whatevelife throws at it. then let's se big on the installation. ♪ we're loweringhe cost of going barefoot. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get exclusive martha stewart living and platum plus installed in your wholhouse for only 37 bucks.
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night. we've been talking about the wounded member of congress. we told you earlier about t youngest victim in yesterday's shooting. but this killer took five otr lives as well.
8:56 pm
they had gathered that morng to dohat good cizens . they had comeo a perfectly average suburban shopping center to talk to their local member of congress. more on that part of this story from nbc's keith morrison. >> reporter: they were doing, though it may soundrand to say so, the realork of a great democracy here in this grocery store parking lo imagine what we've lo. irreplaceable. like john roll,hief federal judge arizona, the man who received death threatsimself over a judicial decision someone didn't like. judge roll had bee copping with an avalanche of drug cases. a colleague surmised he had gone to the grocery store parking lot to think mrs. giords for that. he sandwiched his visit in, said his friend, the sheriff. >> he we to mass and was going to go ho and do the floors,
8:57 pm
ich he always does on saturday. >> reporter: he was just wonderful, sd the retired supreme court justice sandra day o'connor. sound like something that might happen in someplace like ghanistan, she said. so it di and it took a young man nam gabe zimmerman, who served representative giffords as director of community outreach. that's a nice man,o kind, that's what even opponents he said about him. althe political vitriol around these days, and gabe zimmerman was nice to everyone. wh did he do? he stuck up for people. said his friend. >> those who are disenfrahised, those that didn't have avoice, he felt passnate about. >> reporter: gabzimmerman, just 30, gone now. dorwan's stoddard snding in line to see representate
8:58 pm
giffords. what they intended to say to her, we don't knownow. we do know they were childhood sweethearts whoell in love whenheir first spouses died. he was minister at mountain avue church of christ, just up the ad from the grocery store. if you needed to fix a sidewalk or hela needy peon, dorwan is who you'd call. >> dory would step up to the plate and throw his self on a grenade for anybody. whether was spiritually, physically, financlly, he wasn't oneho stood back and let the other guy do it. >> reporter: maybe dorwan and his wife intendeto go out to breakfast after meeting the congresswoman. inead he fell on her body to shield her frothe bullets. he died. she lived. ere were two women of the most impresve accomplishments, mothers, grandmothe, one a great grandmother. there was dorthy morris, there was george, her hband of 50
8:59 pm
years ago. and phyllis schneck, 79, doing like the others her b for the political process. phyllis, by the way, a life-long republican, but i likthis lady, she said about giffords, to her famy. d now a small army of offspring is beginning a cycle of grief. and, of course, there washer, christina taylor green, born, as about everyone knows now, on september 11,2001. there was that bk about such babies, iluding her "faces of hope" and she was at, all right. and now s was going to meet her congresswoman, this face of hope for her country's future. and certainly famous now for whate could learn to do better. >> that's all for us from tucson tonight. more on this story on your late


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